Storage Unit Tips for Families

Letting A Friend Watch Your House For A Long Vacation? Rent A Small Storage Unit For Peace Of Mind

Going on a lengthy vacation to another country is something that you may have been looking forward to for months. It makes sense to put a lot of time and effort into planning the trip because you want to have airfare and lodging set in stone at the bare minimum. Also, you will need to take time off work, but this is a request that you may have put in as soon as you determined you were going on vacation. Read More 

Commercial Moving Services

When you are moving your business, you have a lot of different things on your mind. You need to ensure that your business does not lose clients and maintains production during the move. This is an extremely difficult task and is going to take a lot of focus and attention by you. One of the smartest things that you can do when moving your business is to hire a moving company to move for you. Read More 

3 Tips To Consider For Your Next Move

If you're planning an upcoming move, you may be stressed out about the process and the overall amount of work that is involved. There are some steps that you can take to make moving a lot easier and less overwhelming. We'll share with you some helpful tips to consider that can make you feel better before the big day. Keep reading to see what you can do to make moving more of a breeze. Read More 

Packing Your Clothes For Self-Storage: Four Helpful Hints

Your self-storage unit can be a great place to store out-of-season clothing or hand-me-downs waiting for a new owner. To keep these items in great shape, there are a few things you should know about properly storing clothes. Use this list as you prepare your garments for storage. Climate Control Garments can become damaged in extreme temperatures, so look for a unit that is climate-controlled. If you will be storing furs,  you'll want to make sure the unit is cool at all times, so be sure to ask if the temperature can be maintained at a steady temperature throughout the year. Read More 

Mistakes To Avoid When Using A Hand Truck To Move Heavy Appliances

If you need to move quickly, then it is wise to get some of your things ready in advance. This is the case even if you have hired movers to help you. Getting all of your appliances in one section of your house may be a good idea to advance the move along. You can use an appliance hand truck for this. Appliance hand trucks are fairly easy to use, but there are some mistakes that you may make while moving your appliances around. Read More