Mistakes To Avoid When Using A Hand Truck To Move Heavy Appliances

If you need to move quickly, then it is wise to get some of your things ready in advance. This is the case even if you have hired movers to help you. Getting all of your appliances in one section of your house may be a good idea to advance the move along. You can use an appliance hand truck for this. Appliance hand trucks are fairly easy to use, but there are some mistakes that you may make while moving your appliances around. Keep reading to learn about a few mistakes that you should be trying to avoid. 

Mistake - Lifting Appliances By The Front

Whether you need to move a washing machine, refrigerator, or an oven, it is best to move the appliance from the side. Moving appliances by the front or the back is usually a mistake. The sides of the appliances are typically smooth and even. This makes it easy for the appliance to sit against the frame of the device. Also, appliances are often front or back heavy. For example, a refrigerator will contain the compressor and the refrigerant coils along the back of the unit. If a refrigerator is carried from the back or the front, then the weight can cause the appliance to tip. This is true of most other appliances as well, but the left and right sides of appliances are typically more balanced when it comes to weight. 

When you go to lift the appliance, you should tip the appliance away from you. It should sit off the floor a few inches at this time. Slide the base of the hand truck under the appliance and drop the appliance down on the device. Brace the top of the appliance with your hand and gently lift back. The handle of the truck should make a 45 degree angle with the floor. This is the most balanced and safest position to hold the truck and the appliance. 

Mistake - Not Securing The Appliance With A Strap

If you are in a hurry to move your appliances, then you may not think about securing the load with a strap. This is a mistake, especially when you set the load down after moving it. When you do this, the load is likely to shift forward a small amount. If the appliance is not secured with a strap, then it may tip over or fall. This can easily be prevented by placing one or two straps around the appliance before you lift it for the first time. 

Straps are best secured once you push the base of the hand truck underneath the appliance. There are several different types of straps that you can buy. D-ring straps are the most common. Straps can be tightened with D-rings, like you would see on a simple belt. Wrap the strap around the appliance and through the two rings on the end of the strap. Slip the end of the strap through the middle of the two clips and then pull to tighten it. 

If you want a more secure strap, then a ratchet variety is your best option. Ratchet straps use ratchet handles and axles to tighten the strap snuggly around an object. Wrap the strap around the appliance and pull on the tail of the strap to tighten it. Once you do this, open and close the ratchet handle several times until the handle becomes difficult to move. Snap the handle down into place and move your appliance with the hand truck.

There are several different straps like cam, buckle, and clip straps that can be used as well. 

For more options and help with moving your appliances, contact professional moving companies, like Bekins Van Lines Inc.