Packing Your Clothes For Self-Storage: Four Helpful Hints

Your self-storage unit can be a great place to store out-of-season clothing or hand-me-downs waiting for a new owner. To keep these items in great shape, there are a few things you should know about properly storing clothes. Use this list as you prepare your garments for storage.

Climate Control

Garments can become damaged in extreme temperatures, so look for a unit that is climate-controlled. If you will be storing furs,  you'll want to make sure the unit is cool at all times, so be sure to ask if the temperature can be maintained at a steady temperature throughout the year. To control moisture in the unit, place cardboard on the floor, which can help to absorb moisture and keep the unit dry in humid conditions.

Pest Control

Moths and other insects can chew through your clothing or leave it otherwise damaged. Use natural cedar in your garment bags or containers of clothing to help repel insects. You can also use lavender sachets, which offer the added benefit of keeping your clothes smelling good too. Dryer sheets have been found to repel gnats, and they also help to keep clothing smelling fresh.

Proper Storage Containers

Keeping your clothing in good shape means storing them in the proper containers. For furs, gowns, and other important pieces, wrap them in tissue paper and hang them in a garment box. Your self-storage facility may offer these boxes for sale, or you can purchase them from your local moving company. You can use vacuum-seal bags for regular, everyday clothing. Plastic storage bins are also a good option for T-shirts, pants, and other similar items. Use tissue paper in plastic containers to protect the clothing from moisture while in storage.

Storage Systems

If you will be placing your items in boxes or bins, you'll want to keep them off of the ground. This can help to prevent them from potential water damage or damage caused by pests. Consider investing in freestanding shelving units, which you can use to organize and store your containers. You can also replace some shelves with dowel rods, which can then be used to hang garments inside of garment bags. Use a label maker to label each shelf and each container to help keep everything organized.

Before you start packing away your clothing, keep these tips in mind to help protect your items so they are ready wear when they come out of storage. For more tips, contact a company like Stor-King.