Piano Moving: Why You Shouldn’t Do This On Your Own

There's a reason why there are professional piano movers out there to move pianos and other large instruments during the moving process. Whether you have a baby grand piano or you have an antique heirloom piano you don't play at all, you should hire professional piano moving services to move the instrument for you. Here are just a few reasons why.

Pianos are heavy

Pianos are among the heaviest instrument, weighing at least four hundred pounds. The bigger the piano, the more the instrument weighs, and the longer the instrument is. With pianos being heavy and delicate instruments, it's hard to move them without a lot of professional moving equipment and tools, which you likely don't have.

Rather than try to figure out how you're going to move a piano out of its current location without damaging it or hurting yourself, have a piano moving company do the work for you. You'll be quoted a rate based on where you live, how heavy the piano is, where it's going, and whether the instrument needs to be stored for a time as part of the moving process. Ask your piano moving company what their base rate is for services to give you a general idea of what your piano moving costs will be.

Pianos are delicate

Despite their robust appearance and heft, pianos are very sensitive and delicate. Harsh movements can cause a piano to go out of tune or cause dents in the sides or legs of the instrument. Improper packing or lack of climate control while transporting the piano can cause it to go out of tune as well and cause expensive repairs to be needed. Your piano moving specialists know all the ways to maneuver a piano out of nearly any location in a home or business and can safely transport your delicate classic instrument so it can get to its new destination in as good condition as ever.

Pianos are expensive

Added to the heft and bulkiness of your piano is its price: even the cheapest piano costs at least a few hundred dollars, and this doesn't include the repairs an instrument might need to keep it in great condition. To best protect your piano investment and keep pricey repairs at bay, hire a professional piano moving company to move your piano for you. This way, your piano will be able to keep its original sound and luster, and you won't have to worry about replacing your piano by accidentally damaging it in the moving process.

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