Need A Storage Unit But Do Not Have A Car? Make Sure To Prioritize All The Right Things

Living comfortably without a car is possible in numerous major cities. You can also get by without one for a period in most cities, but you will still need to adjust your lifestyle to being car-free.

In a normal situation, renting a storage unit would be as simple as driving to a nearby storage facility and checking it out. But, not having a car makes this process a little more challenging due to your transportation limitations. It is important to prioritize certain qualities about a storage company to enjoy one without a vehicle.


When you sign a contract with a storage facility, you will have a number of options to choose from. A month-to-month lease is perfect for someone who may need only temporary storage. But, a person who needs storage long-term may want to sign a one-year lease to lock themselves in at a reduced rate.

Although it may be tempting to take advantage of a low rate by signing on for a long time, you may not know when your vehicle situation is going to change in the future. You may have only a facility or two to choose from based on location, but your options will grow vastly when you become a vehicle owner. Once you get a car and can store your things elsewhere, you will not want to be limited by a lengthy contract from the past.


While you do not have a car, you need to prioritize storage units that are close by. Walking or biking distance is ideal because it allows you to get there without needing to rely on a ride or paying for public transportation.

It is also important to consider the route that you must take to get to the storage facility. For instance, one place might be rather close to your home, but the sidewalk that you need to take is nonexistent. This can make it more tempting to pick a storage facility a little farther away that provides a safe and comfortable walkway.


It is best not to forget about the services that you can get with a storage facility. Some places may offer you a rental truck or delivery service to help you avoid having to walk or bike over possessions. It is also possible to get help from employees to find out how much space you need to fit a storage unit tightly.

Renting a storage unit can get a bit tricky without a car, but these tips should help you succeed.