Five Ways To Save Money On Your Move

If you are planning to move but need to stay within a modest budget, there are a few things you can do to save on moving expenses while still being able to hire a local moving service. Use this guide to strategize your move and save a bit of money in the process.

Avoid Moving Large Items

If you are planning on replacing your sofa, bed, or other large furnishings, consider purchasing these items after your move-in date. Look for deals at furniture stores offering free delivery, and arrange to have them delivered in the days right after you move. Donate your old furniture when you move, and you won't have as many large items to pay for as a part of your moving package.

Use Items You Already Have For Packing Materials

Purchasing packing peanuts, tissue paper, and other packing materials can add to the cost of your move. Instead of buying your packing materials, use items you already have in your home. Begin saving newspapers so you can use them in place of tissue paper, and put towels, sheets, and old T-shirts to work as packing materials as well. If you have old boxes that are too worn to be used for packing items in, break down the boxes and use the cardboard to provide added protection for plates and other fragile items.

Move On An Off-Peak Day

Moving companies are in demand on weekends and at the beginning of each month. You may be able to get a discounted rate if you choose an off-peak day. If possible, arrange to move in the middle of the month or on a weekday. When you are flexible with your moving date, you may find that your moving company is able to negotiate the cost of your move.

Donate Items

You can take a tax deduction when you donate certain items, so be sure to check to see what you have that might qualify for a tax deduction. You may not see the savings immediately, but you can help to reduce the amount of taxes you'll owe for the fiscal year.

Look For A Moving Bundle

If you'll need a storage unit after you move, you may want to consider looking for a moving company that can offer a moving bundle. Some moving companies have their own storage facilities, while others work closely with local storage companies. You may be able to save money by getting your moving and storage services from the same provider. Talk to your moving company about your budget, and have the staff help you to select a moving package that fits your needs without hurting your wallet. Your moving company may also be able to suggest other ways to help you save money on your big move.